The Project for Lean Urbanism is structured on Seven Platforms. Position Papers, Case Studies, and Tools are being developed on the following topics.

Lean Building

  • Lean Building Codes
  • Lean Building Types
  • Lean Landscaping
  • Lessons from Africa
  • Lessons from Asia
  • Lessons from the UK
  • American Camp Meetings

Lean Development

  • Lean Development Codes
  • Lean Charrettes
  • Lean Finance
  • Reclaiming Malls
  • An Alternative to Silver Bullets
  • Co-Housing
  • Lean Affordable Housing
  • Successional Development
  • Live-Work Units
  • Lean Sprawl Repair
  • Seaside – Lean Development, Finance, and Infrastructure
  • Wynwood Neighborhood
  • The Story of Lean Detroit

Lean Business

  • Lean Retail
  • Maker Spaces
  • Streamlining Business Permits

Lean Green

  • The Problems with LEED
  • Lean Green

Lean Governing

  • Lean Municipal Government
  • Development and Design Centers
  • Legislation Affecting Lean Urbanism

Lean Infrastructure

  • Lean Exercise Space
  • Lean Examples of Infrastructure
  • Decentralized Infrastructure

Lean Learning

  • Teaching Architects to be Developers
  • Apprenticeships