Gianni Longo

Gianni Longo was a key contributor to the prototype Pink Zones created by the Project for Lean Urbanism. He is a highly skilled facilitator and public participation leader. A critic of public engagement that is stodgy, time-consuming, and costly, Mr. Longo designs programs that are short, efficient, and to the point. He is the author of several books. His latest integrates traditional engagement techniques with web-based analytical and visualization tools that help the public make informed decisions. Mr. Longo is a Fellow of the Congress for the New Urbanism and a board member of CNU’s New York Chapter.

Pink Zone Manual – Making Small Possible

The Pink Zone is a powerful tool for concentrating resources on the task of enabling small-scale, community-centered development and revitalization. It defines an area of focus, leverages a suite of available tools, and provides a platform for the community to gather resources, make commitments, and work together on projects that enhance community character and allow existing businesses and residents to remain and profit from the improved quality of life. The Pink Zone tool will be developed and refined in a series of pilot projects, and then released to the public.

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