The Stories of Lean Urbanism

The New Pioneers book cover

The New Pioneers

By J.P. Faber

Author J.P. Faber tells the stories that inspired Lean Urbanism. An optimistic look at how we can rebuild our cities and jump-start more small businesses. Today’s innovators and builders have to ignore the rules, go where they aren’t enforced, or learn how to hack them — unless their city governments reduce the obstacles.

DIY City book cover

DIY City

By Hank Dittmar

Hank Dittmar explains why individual initiative, small-scale business, and small development matter, using stories from his own examples. Includes a chapter by Brian Falk on the Project for Lean Urbanism.

Cottage Communities book cover

Cottage Communities

By Sara Hines

Religious camp communities date back to 1786, and more than 1,000 remain. These time-tested places have many lessons for Lean Urbanism: small or tiny houses, cottage design, pocket neighborhoods, site planning, affordable housing, self-building, efficient living. Sarah Hines visited more than 50 to learn and compile those lessons.