Jim Heid

Jim Heid is a real estate developer, adviser, and author whose focus is the creation of new communities that contribute to their environment, region, and residents. In 2000, he founded UrbanGreen to act as a development partner and adviser to legacy landowners, institutions, and land development companies that embrace principles of sustainability. He is motivated by the need to deliver high-quality developments to a broader market — in an increasingly complex world of entitlements and financing — without compromising environmental, economic, or place-making objectives.

Lean Financing – Alternatives to Institutional Capital

Financing Lean Development requires both institutional and non-institutional sources of capital. This paper focuses on project equity from non-institutional sources. Years of observations and anecdotal conversations with developers of small, innovative projects suggest that Lean Development is coming of age, but it has significant hurdles to realizing its potential, and financing is among the more difficult to overcome. Understanding the motivations, requirements and techniques for working with non-institutional investors is critical to overcoming one of the primary hurdles for Lean Development.

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