Kevin Klinkenberg

Kevin Klinkenberg is an urban designer, architect, planner, zoning wonk, redeveloper, and wannabe musician. He has returned to Kansas City from Savannah, Georgia, where he served for four years as Executive Director of the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority. In 2018, Kevin & SDRA led the first new master plan for downtown Savannah in decades, timed to coincide with the city’s tricentennial in 2033. While in Savannah, he also published his first book, “Why I Walk: Taking a Step in the Right Direction.” Kevin currently operates K2 Urban Design. He’s worked with clients in nearly all of the continental 48 states, in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Kevin has been a regular speaker on design and planning issues for more than two decades, and stays focused on place-making through his blog “The Messy City – Embracing change, unpredictability and local initiative.”

House Hacking Catalog

Housing can create wealth for existing and new residents. It can also create opportunities for growing, improving, or preserving a neighborhood. House hacking is a powerful tool for Lean Urbanism. It helps overcome the barriers to entry, and accomplishes individual and community goals.

We created this House Hacking Catalog to show how it’s possible and to provide inspiration, information, and ideas to make it happen. It contains descriptions of the types of buildings, rentals, and construction that make good options for house hacking, plus issues to consider including financing and finding the right property, as well as additional resources.

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