Paul Crabtree

Paul Crabtree is a Civil Engineer who has focused his work on the integration of intelligent urban infrastructure with New Urbanism and Smart Growth Planning. Paul is the founder and president of the Crabtree Group, Inc. He is a leader in the Congress for New Urbanism Rainwater Initiative, as well as an author and lecturer on sustainable infrastructure, from water to transportation. Paul is a founding member of the Transect Codes Council, and a contributing author of Sustainable and Resilient Cities (Wiley, 2011).

Lean Infrastructure – Better Than Gold-Plating

Lean Infrastructure is Transect-based engineering and landscape works that support Lean Urbanism projects through incremental improvements that can be quickly and economically implemented by subsidiary players without the need for massive equipment, capital or protocols. It is infrastructure designed to fit the needs of a particular level of urbanization (a block or so), but can be frugally upgraded or downgraded to the adjacent level, or adapted to changing conditions.

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