Matthew Lambert

Matthew Lambert is a partner at DPZ CoDESIGN and an architectural and urban designer and planner with more than a decade of experience that covers a broad range of project types, from multi-county regional plans to new community and redevelopment plans and regulations, to affordable and modular housing design. He has managed projects for campus plans, hospital strategic master plans including program distribution, resort towns, and disaster recovery plans throughout the U.S., and he has worked with communities in the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. He also leads DPZ’s information technology team. Lambert is active in the Congress for the New Urbanism; he is a founder of the CNU Next-Gen. As a member of the Transect Codes Council, he is contributing to the evolution of the SmartCode.

Lean Comp Plan Tool

States require local governments that have zoning authority to create comprehensive plans. While most comp plans establish laudable policies, they are often poorly implemented and can stand in the way of small-scale, incremental development. This tool outlines a Lean process that planning staff can use to reduce the expense of policy development and increase the likelihood that it will be implemented. For comp plans, Lean Urbanism is not only concerned with leveling the playing field for small-scale actors, but also with directing investments toward areas of greatest impact.

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Lean Code Tool

Writing a new zoning code is time-consuming, politically fraught with landmines, and therefore unlikely to happen in most places. But with a limited number of strategic adjustments, many zoning codes can be repaired to allow Lean Urbanism and improve or create walkable, livable environments.

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